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Welcome to the official homepage of the Berliner ENERGIETAGE. We are the major annual conference of the Energiewende ("energy transition") in Germany, hosting dozens of single events and panels with hundreds of Spakers — several days each year in late spring. Since 2020 the events in Berlin are accompanied by a second conference which is completely digital and therefore to attend from world wide without travel. Usually this digital conference happens a few weeks before the conference on site.

History: in a nutshell

The first conference dates back into the year of 2000, since then the Energietage became the biggest event of it's kind with around 9.000 mostly high-profiled visitors and decision makers nowadays. Co-hosts of the conference are around 60 to 80 major institutions in the fields of construction, energy and housing up to federal ministries and – since 2015 – even European institutions as the European Commission. In the first year of the COVID pandemy we transformed the Energietage to a 100% digital conference within only six weeks time, and therefore provided one of the first major conferences to be held completely online — ever in history.

Concept and structure

In sum, the Energietage are adding up more than 150 hours of panels with about 300 speakers out of every related branch – each year. Most single events are organized and distributed by our cooperation partners directly – it's their events, combined under the powerful umbrella of the Energietage brand and with endless opportunities to gain knowledge from the diverse field of branches and experts on location.

The Conference is sided by a trade fair / exhibition, combining the three days of panels, discussions and workshops with around 100 companies and institutions presenting their latest inventions, products and services to the audience. Each year, the fair provides the perfect background for our conference guests to use their coffee breaks with even more encounters, discussions and insights throughout the branches.

Other services offered by the Energietage are an inventor's forum in which startups can show and discuss their ideas, as well as a job fair and other additional events such as award ceremonies, workshops, field trips or open table-discussions.

Behind the courtain

The Energietage are brought to you by EUMB Pöschk – a Berlin based, owner-managed business with more than 25 years of experience and great insights into the three branches of construction, energy and housing, spezialized into event management and political communication (energy policy) as well as consulting in the fields of energy policy and environmental issues.

Visiting information

Our panel's main language is German, regularly no translation services are provided (yet). If you are interested into visiting the Energietage without proper language skills, please let us know – your feedback might lead to the implementation of panels in other languages during future events or translation services.

If you, as an institution, want to visit the Energietage with a larger foreign group, please contact us as well. Maybe we can organize a translation service or english speaking guides to show you around.


If you, as a foreign institution, are interested into hosting an own panel within the Energietage, please don't hesitate to contact us directly! Best time for a first contact would be around the month of October.

The same accounts for your participation in the trade fair or for sponsorship agreements / media cooperations and press requests.

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